Donation with VIPSTARCOIN

[Nukumority (warmth+quality) to the world]

VIPS team developed smartphone wallets which help people make donations easier than conventional means of donating.

We are aiming to establish the system which allows VIPS holders to send VIPS to chosen recipient and the beneficiaries could purchase any goods in need with VIPS through our partner stores. We call this system as “World Wide Nukumority”.

On July 2018, the extraordinary heavy rain hit the west area of Japan.
More than 30,000 houses were damaged and 225 lives were lost.
Even though 50 days have passed, 4,000 people still continue to live as refugees.

Under this situation, Binance,the largest cyrptocurrency exchange announced to donate 1 million USD and asked cyryto holders and projects to join this relief initiative.

We decided to join the project as we think that supporting donation campaign run by the largest exchange will be the faster way to achieve one of our goals, “make cryptocurrencies standard means for donations.”

Please join this donation campaign by click the following address.


We hope donating through cryptocurrencies becomes common throughout the world!